Saturday, November 3, 2012

Amy's Arms

Country of origin: Canada
Year of creation: 2006
City/ Location: Toronto (Etobicoke if you want to get picky)
Official site:
Members: Justin David Minister
                Karen O'Keeffe
                Tyla Thea Bolte
                Kolicko Strychnine
                Alice Thomas
Related Bands: Cadillacs and Cadavers (Justin), Alectrona (Tyla), Vegas Beach, Vampire Beach Babes (Karen)
Official contact mail: [email protected]
Official Biography:

In 2006 a musician friend suggested that we collaborate on a musical venture. I on vocals and he on bass and tracks that he had made.  It went well. Before the spring was out we had written a few nice songs.  The first one being Amy’s Arms, to which he asked if we may name the band the same. I agreed. In August of 2006 the cd had been recorded and by September we had the first gig under our belts, or should I say under our velvet and lace.  There was international exposure and the fans that came with it. However, by the summer of 2007 we had those ‘creative differences’ and that was the end of that.

I met Justin in 2008.  By the end of that year we had written and recorded our first song called ‘Lonely Lolita’.  On May 2nd 2009 Amy’s Arms was back on stage!  That momentum continues still.  In July of 2009 we became a trio, adding a guitar player. We played shows and wrote songs with a crunchy goth rock sound. We had a fun time! In June of 2010 our guitar player departed and Justin took over playing guitar (adding the bass in the tracks for the live shows) and we had entered the era that we are in now; namely moving away from a bass centered sound and expanding into, well, anything we wanted. At the end of the year we went on a small tour with Swedish band, Lowe, thus ending 2010 on a high note.

In April 2011 Amy’s Arms was invited to play at the first Salon Noir, opening up for Voltaire. This was a big honour!  For this we decided to add to our stage show with the addition of a second vocalist and a bass player. Enter the lovely Tyla and Kolicko, who hails from Ottawa via Mexico City.  Salon Noir was (and continues to be) a gorgeous event and we were so happy to have performed there!

The next month we asked Alice to join us on violin (yes, we know that we were a month late in asking her!) and now we are five. We will most likely expand again, as the dream of not having to use backing tracks is looking like it will become a reality! We have started working on that much requested cd and we hope to have it out sometime in 2012.

Official Discography:
Unfamiliar Landscapes (2006)
Summer Demo (2010)
Clandestine (demo, 2011)

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