Saturday, November 3, 2012

Guilty Strangers

Country of origin: USA
Year of creation: 2008
City/ Location: San Antonio, TX
Official site:

Members: Christine Terry - vocals
                   Shawn Terry - guitar and other instruments
                   Julian - bass
                   Robert Sullen - drums
                   Kenneth Fiedler - guitar

Official contact mail: [email protected]

Official Biography: 
The couple of Christine and Shawn Terry began working together in 2008, on a project meant initially to combine Christine's poetry with backing sounds by Shawn. Soon songs started forming that were influenced mainly by early goth and deathrock, but also drew inspiration from other musical styles, such as no wave and experimental music. A radio DJ in California named Ophelia Necro heard some mp3s online, and requested a cd. Since there were no releases yet, the band sent her a disc of rough demos, custom packaged in a jewelery box with photos and texts. Ophelia began playing  the songs weekly. The response from listeners was very enthusiastic, and Shawn and Christine were inspired to press up 300 copies of an EP and recruit some additional musicians to play live shows. The EP sold out quickly. The band contacted Manu Zorch and he released their first full length album as a free download on Zorch Factory records in 2010. This led to more radio and club play around the world, from Argentina to Australia. 2 more releases followed in 2011. All instruments on the recordings were played by Shawn (except for 2 drum parts played by the band's original live drummer Chris Ruptive.) Guilty Strangers are currently working on new songs and hope to release an album featuring the musicians from the current live line-up in 2012.

Official Discography:
Guilty Strangers E.P. - Transient Records (2009)
Walking The Wire - Zorch Factory (2010)
Madame B meets Guilty Strangers (collaboration with Madame B) - Zorch Factory/Transient Tone (2011)
Hotel Limbo - Zorch Factory (2011)

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