Saturday, November 3, 2012

Beyond the Eyes of Men

Country of origin: United States
Year of creation: 2004
City/ Location: Columbus, Ohio
Official site:

James Dinan - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Guest Musicians:
Greg Fee - Drums
Jason Anastasia - Didge
John McCluskey - Sequencing
Official contact mail:
James Dinan
[email protected]

Official Biography:
Beyond the Eyes of Men is the music of former Gossamer and Room Nineteen guitarist James Dinan (pronounced “Dynin“). James started writing songs in 2004 for what would later become the album; Unlock the Mirror released on Dissonance Café records in 2009. The album is best described as introspective vocals and haunting dissonance wrapped in the sonic texture of post punk, acoustic and ambient music. Unlock outakes are being revamped along with new material for a follow up release coming soon.

Official Discography:
2009 - Unlock the Mirror

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