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Country of origin: Russia
Year of creation: 1994
City/ Location: Moscow
Official site:
Members: Dmitriy Flo (vocals/bass), Black CaT (guitar), Maggoth (drums).
Official contact mail: [email protected]

Official Biography:
DoppelgängeR is one of the most famous and oldest gothic bands in Russia. The band revives the traditions of Old School of Gothic Rock and Post Punk, set by such bands as Joy Division and Siouxsie and The Banshees. Expressive vocal, atmospheric guitar, bass which cuts through like a sharp glass, and wild drums drive the audience from rage to tears and back. Founded in 1994 in Moscow and went through numerous line-ups DoppelgängeR is carefully lead by its front man and bass-player Dmitry Flo. Along with Black CaT on guitar and Maggoth on drums, this trio appears as a solid example of Gothic Rock.

Band was formed in 1994 in Moscow, in 2009 celebrated 15 anniversary of band. Rather unusual name of the group DoppelgängeR translated from German as "double". Also in mythology there is a creature called Doppelganger. Usually, it is described in a very black paint as a ghost that imitates you, and ‘there’s nothing more scaring than to notice how your shadow gets off the floor, gains a body and with hardly a nod it slips away’. But actually the band was called after the song of Die Krupps from the album 'I' released in 1992. The band's discography has 7th full-length albums, one dvd-bootleg with show in Lithuania, limited edition box-set released on the 15 anniversary of band, songs DoppelgängeR are included in 12 compilation in Russia, Australia, Austria, Ukraine.

DoppelgängeR has very extensive experience of live performance: performance at “10th anniversary international expo “Muisic-Moscow-2004”; concerts in Russia with bands Charon, Entwine, the legendary Two Witches, Garden of Delight; numerous tours over Russia; TV appearances on channels M1, TV3, NTV+, MTV (Russia) show “Totalnoe Show”, A-ONE interactive show “STENA”; radio shows “Serebro” and “Project 91,2” on Echo Moscwy Radio. Band with well-proven not only in Russia but also in Europe. DoppelgängeR was play at 'Creeper Fest' (Lithuania), 'Lumous Gothic Festival' (Finland), as special guests at the anniversary concert of Two Witches (Finland), 'Castle Party Festival' (Poland), solo concert in Switzerland.

Release-party of their albums were in Tampere (Finland), at 'DEAD AND BURIED' (London, UK), at 'BLACK VEIL' (Leeds, UK), at 'Festival MIS-FEST' (Blackpool, UK). Photo Black CaT (guitarist of the band) was chosen on the cover of the Mick Mercer's fifth book about gothic subculture 'Music To Die For'.

Official Discography:
1. 'Doppelganger' (1995)
2. 'Serpent's Land' (1996)
3. '...Desire Lost Forever?' (2003)
4. 'Dancing' (2005)
5. 'Saturnian Rings' (2006)
6. '12 Steps To Inhumanity' (2008)
7. 'Voyage Of The Homeless Spies' (2010)

'Creeper Fest-1. Butleg' (2007)

Box set '15 Years' (2009)

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