Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Beautiful Dead

Country of origin: Germany
Year of creation: 2010
City/ Location: Kaiserslautern
Official site:
Members: Tom Steitz, Bass (ex- Arson, Murder She Wrote),  Axel Westrich, Vocals, Synth (ex-The end of Music, Murder She Wrote, Celtic Frust), Christian Palm, Guitar, Synth (ex-Oblivion, Murder She Wrote, Celtic Frust), Patrick Palm, Drums, Programming (ex-Guerilla Radio)
Official contact mail: [email protected]

Official Biography: 
We found together in October 2010 to start a new band. Although we all are metal musicians and  metalheads since the early eighties we decided: NOT AGAIN A METALBAND. First thoughts were about a mixture between The Editors, Rush, Voivod and Nick Cave. After our estimated 5 member (Keyboarder Volker Cullmann, ex-Murder She Wrote) told us NOT to join the band because of his job, we decided to pre record all keyboards and to run them as a playalong during the live performance. 

This point changed our sound, the music and the way to write songs dramatically and pushed us to the sound you already know. We were unleashed in excessive usage of keyboard layers, in some tracks we have 6 or more. In may 2011 we recorded a five track promo CD, called „reaching out“ and found a record label on first try. We signed at Sonorium Records and startet to record more songs. We finished recordings for the debut in september 2011 and released the First Album „Moonlight and Hollywood“ in December 2011. Since January 2012 we work on the second Album (Title will be „To lunar canyons“). At this time, June 2012, we finished about 90% of the songwriting and end of june we start to record. The new Album will be released this winter.

Official Discography
2011 - Moonlight and Hollywood
2012 - Ghost in the Garden - Single

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