Monday, February 11, 2013

Kindred Spirits

Country: Sweden
Formed in: 1996
Location: Malmö
Members: Tommy (guitar, backing vocals), Loke Rivano (bass guitar), Ville (guitar, programming) and Peter (vocals)
Side projects: Seven Circles
Contact: kindredspiritsX @

Originally formed on a cold and rainy November evening in 1996, of the founding members Tommy and Peter are still present. Since the beginning Kindred Spirits have had the notion to entertain, have fun and reign the world. So far we have had some fun at least ... sometimes ...

We have never had any ambition to make music which sounds like "band X" or "song Y", rather it is all about having fun, right?!?!

In reviews KS have been compared with different well-established and classic goth bands, but this is nothing we strive for. Inspiration, on the other hand, is something completely different and equally important and we have definitely been inspired and influenced by lots and lots of different bands.

The highlight of the released material this far is the album "No Room For Laughter" released in 2005 on M&A MusicArt. Kindred Spirits have also appeared on a few select compilations.

No Room For Laughter (MACDL970, 2005)

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