Saturday, January 12, 2013

Second Skin

Formed in:  USA / Italy
Location: AZ, LA, It
Arron,Vidor, Sasha, King, Johnathan.G, Dihna
Contact: [email protected]

Second Skin started after the break up of the band Flesh of my Flesh - heard on one of the first ever tribute albums in 1990 to Gothic music "First Last and Forever" A Sisters of Mercy Tribute,this yielded a long relationship with Cleopatra Records doing singles,while working on albums and touring. second Skin's First show was with Rozz Williams "Shadow Project" which gave birth to a friendship between Arron & Rozz that last up until Rozz vanished to Europe than took his own life on April fools day.

Second Skin was also slated to work on a movie based on a script written by Jim Morrison, after meeting with the legendary ray Manzarek of the Doors and Director Pearry Teo the Morrison estate backed out and the band went on to do 2 indie short films (both award winners and major festivals) "Liberata me" based on the bands song of the same title and "children of the Arcane" now listed in after opening for other heavy Gothic acts like The Mission,the Misfits,Killing Joke,Andi Sex Gang,Gary Newman,Missing Persons, Modern English,Human Drama,Christian Death,the Damned and New model Army the band toured all over headlining after the release of "Choir Invisible" ~ now with the release of what is the first in the history of Gothic ,Deathrock,music the new video "Six Ways from Sunday" made it's Debut 2012! ( IN 3D !) a crowning achievement with a new album due out in the fall and a tour to follow.

1991 - The Scourging and the Crowning - E.p. Euphoria records
1992 - Hymns for the Hollow - (Album) Euphoria records
1996 - Choir Invisible - (Album) Euphoria records
2000 - Skin Samples - E.p Euphoria records
2000 - Taste of Angels - E.p. (dance remixes) Euphoria records
2004 - Black Eyed Angel - (Album) Palace of Worms Records (Italy)
2009 - Illa Exuro in Silentium - (Album) Palace of Worms Records (Italy)

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