Saturday, August 16, 2014

Merciful Nuns - Meteora VII (2014)

Merciful Nuns
Meteora VII 

After a few months since the band released their very first single in wax format plus a wonderful  CD EP, both of them called Exoplanet (released as one pack) MERCIFUL NUNS are back with their seventh full-lenght under the appellation of Meteora (ancient Greek: “to elevate”) “When fog envelopes the Meteora rock at dawn we can sometimes see the monasteries. They appear to be floating.” Artaud. I always described the Nuns music as Occvlt Gothic Rock but recently I saw Artaud's description about the band's sound as Occvlt Post-Goth which epithet gives more sense to their music due to the high complexity in the atmosphere of some songs that can be really deeper in matters of musical effectiveness that sometimes it feels it comes from beyond, not from simple uniqueness. Although the band also has such a simple part with which to make real magic in converting simple simplicity in true hymns, sometimes the simple factor mixed with the complexity factor make a real package always to consider, compositional quality – fire in the hole!

I've always said that GARDEN OF DELIGHT and the Nuns are very different from each other, but finally this time I can say that there is something more than a simple connection when I listen the opening track "Elektra", which reminds me occasionally of the post NECROMANTEION GOD's works. Everybody already knows the song Phantom Wall thanks to the Nuns first official video, which received great feedback, same as the following track called Karma Inn which also has a video clip. In my opinion Karma Inn is one the best songs of the Nuns to date, it has the spirit and influence of those early creators of the authentic gothic rock, SISTERS. Just terrific.

Now talking about very energetic, strong and direct songs, which make you jump at concerts – Speed of Light / Eulusian Ground / Zero G – which trio of songs are spontaneous and natural and of course we can find a closing reflecting song of nine minutes, A Place Beyond - minutes of introspection, fly through space to another reality, Nuns trademark. This new album in my opinion goes further than any other album the band released before in terms of production, it's perhaps the best one to date together with the almighty HYPOGEUM II. The songwriting in METERORA VII could remind you of the eccentric and highly successful XIBALBA III.

METERORA VII contains very sharp songs that can be recorded in your neurons from the first listen which makes the rhythm of the album more enthusiastic and pleasant with every listen. There is nothing more valuable to a collector, a fan or a music journalist than finding a great surprise to hear an album from start to finish, and make the simple conclusion that the album has all the elements to make it a masterpiece of the genre. Brilliant. Now the 33rd degree is a fact. The Nuns are the most Iconic band of this, what i call Third Wave, so if you don't know the band already here is the perfect album to start with and go backwards through their discography.
> Oskar Terramortis