Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Foreign Resort - New Frontiers (2014)

The Foreign Resort
New Frontiers
BLVD Records / Ignition

Some weeks ago we gave you the review of the previous album by The Foreign Resort: “Scattered And Buried”, and now we are really pleased to talk about “New Frontiers” their most recent work. I really loved “Scattered & Buried” and I have to say that “New Frontiers” is a step forward for The Foreign Resort. This band has the sensitivity of 80’s Post Punk, New Wave and Shoegaze; mixed with the intensity of the electronic sound, and the special energy of the music from the underground scene of The New Millennium. They deliver the 80’s Post Punk music with a twist of innovation and modernity; the use of well-placed electronic sounds is really remarkable in this new album. The Foreign Resort is here with this wall of sound created by those loud Shoegaze guitars, refined New Wave Post Punk, and electronic intensity. This is a perfectly paced record, and it’s irresistible.

Dead End Roads” has mechanical-industrialized beats at the beginning of the song followed by smooth Post Punk guitar chords; they have created some perfect balance between the organic Post Punk sound and those synthesized beats, this song is so catchy and charming. It kick starts the album so perfectly! “Breaking Apart” is more guitar-oriented; and its sound goes deepest into the grounds of New Wave, it’s very dynamic and the great rhythm here is non-stop, it’s another pretty damn good song. “Alone” is a beautiful song with Cure-ish chords, is very touching and it has lots of feeling. Warm feeling that embraces you. “Flushed” sounds really majestic in the chorus with those rising guitar chords; and the voice giving the 100% with feeling and intensity to the max. They are masters while combining electro beats with Post Punk sensibility; this is a great track. “Dead Leaves” is beautiful and sublime guitar mixed with electronic beats, this song is so touching. “New Frontiers” is simply Impeccable; with this darker feeling and a slightly aggressive edge, it’s such a masterpiece. “Quiet Again” is so nostalgic, and is kind of that touching 80’s songs that can go straight to your feelings, another sublime-touching tune. “Landslide” creates emotional tension with those expecting passages at the beginning of the song, suddenly all the band breaks the tension with energetic-hammering rhythm, and somber guitar sound with the proper dose of tension; awesome track. “Dark White” is captivating dark Post Punk at its best; the guitar is vertiginous but it has subtly tension, this song is brilliant.

Awesome album! There’s no waste here; “New Frontiers” is good all in all: Impressive song writing and execution, top quality production, they have a well-defined game plan: The song structures created by this band are unique, and the Foreign Resort sounds powerful and emotive at the same time. Kick ass album! One of the best Post Punk full lengths so far this year.

Daniel Olvera