Sunday, June 1, 2014

Peter Murphy - Lion (2014)

Peter Murphy

A lion is an impressive and majestic creature, and those attributes could describe the career of Mr. Peter Murphy. He is definitely outside of the comfort zone of the “Legend” status: He is making new albums, he is still active as a live performer and he is an artist with a consolidated style. Peter Murphy is living one of their best moments as an artist, because he has managed to combine experience and passion in his music. “Lion” is a pretty consistent and strong album; it’s a fine piece of Dark Wave-Alternative music with a touch of 80’s Rock. The production is impeccable (as we can expect from him) and we can perceive that he has renewed strength in this release.

Hang Up” is an excellent opening track, it could work really well for the beginning of a live show too because it has thrilling energy, and it can create expectation in the listener; this one sounds really powerful. “I’m My Own Name” rises with majestic atmosphere and is such a lively track; Peter is singing here with everything he has, he’s giving the 100%. “Low Tar Stars” has this refreshing and dynamic electronic rhythm; this track rocks… really loud! “I’m On Your Side” is melodic, warm, and captivating. This is such a tasteful song. “Compression” has passion and intensity in the chorus: It is like a landslide of emotions, and the verse is sublime to the max; this song is perfectly balanced and it has crafted with sheer majesty. “Holy Clown” is pure emotion and has lots of feeling; this is a really touching track. “The Rose” is a perfect example of how to make a perfect ballad, this very classy stuff: Thumbs up! “The Ghost Of Shokan Lake” has an interesting waltzed pace, and the most energetic passages are really well placed here, this song has rising drama and some exploding moment at the middle of the song. “Eliza” is a wonderful Dark Wave track with the distinctive touch of the master Peter Murphy; this could be a great single. “Loctaine” is a perfect night-song, it’s bewitching and passionate. “Lion” follows a similar path to the previous track at the beginning, but it has some slight touch of strength; this track is mid-tempo and perfectly balanced. This one sounds huge and it is an excellent final track.

Peter Murphy is a master, and this album has no waste. This is top quality stuff; and this artist is in a great moment: He has experience, undeniable talent, and passion. “Lion” is a brilliant album.

Daniel Olvera