Monday, June 9, 2014

Angels Of Liberty - Touch The Daemon EP (2014)

Angels Of Liberty
Touch The Daemon
Gothic Music Records / Secret Sin


Gothic Hearts in The New Millennium….

The magic about Angels Of Liberty resides in the fact that they are doing traditional Gothic Rock that comes from the soul; but Scarlet Powers and Voe Saint Claire are doing this kind of music with a very different approach, because this is absolute Gothic Rock but you can’t find any guitars, or deep and dominant bass lines. The magic here is the fact that they are using an entire arsenal of shynths, drum machines, and lots of programming; but……we have here some of the best true Gothic Rock of The Third Wave. Mr. Voe Saint Claire has gained great experience after several years of working in programming and sampling for different bands in the past. One day he decided to create his own music, and we are very thankful and pleased with the releases of AOL. Angels Of Liberty executes Gothic Rock with majesty, elegance, and great energy. They can make solemn songs, and they can make you move in the dance floor with awesome catchy songs. And people around the world are in love with the music of AOL.

Touch The Daemon” is a classic track that exemplifies the sound of Angels Of Liberty at its best: Solemn piano and keyboard notes, an ubber-dynamic rhythm section, synthesized guitars and bass, contagious melody, and awesome energy. This track is an excellent opener. “Ritual And Tradition” has awesome strength, and the beat is so catchy; this is an awesome Dark-dance floor track. A perfect balance between traditional Gothic Rock, and fluent and electric dark dance floor (again!) is tastefully displayed in “Sophia”: This song is so elegant, energetic and it has lots of passion. “Our Tears” slows the pace and it has very interesting sonic textures, this is mid tempo and it sounds really big with those synths full of density and hammering pace; after the middle of the song the (synthesized) guitar sound explodes and it goes frenetic, is like a discharge of high –voltage rhythm. “Break The Silence” is so finely constructed: The combination of elegance and this contagious and powerful rhythm is a distinctive feature in the sound of Angels Of Liberty…and we love this!! “Dark Knight Satellite” has this pretty sticky, bouncing, and “bluesy” 4x4 rocking-rhythm; and it’s a pretty damn-funny track…And we want more!

This is a six-track EP , the time goes fast when you are listening to this awesome stuff. Angels Of Liberty holds with pride the finest tradition of 90’s Gothic Rock, and they are doing this under a unique perspective: This is like a combination of the elegance and dark tones of Nosferatu, mixed with the electric intensity of the dark dance floor beats of Suspiria (and they were pretty dark and elegant too!) Angels Of Liberty is writing their own history, and I simply love this band: They are delivering great songs release after release, and this is awesome. This is one of the bands that kick started my interest and passion towards the Gothic Rock of the New Millennium; great stuff here.

Thanks (again) to Scarlet and Voe for the amazing music!

Daniel Olvera

The finest tradition of Gothic Rock has a renewed energy in The New Millennium...And they're back for more. After four acclaimed releases Angels Of Liberty is back with their newest EP: “Touch The Daemon” At this moment they are a very well-known entity in the underground scene of today, their previous releases are now some of the most valuated collector’s items.

But don’t worry, there are second chances (And you have to be fast!) because Gothic Music Records Proudly Presents the new digipack-deluxe edition of Touch The Daemon. A must have for Gothic Rock enthusiasts! Get your copy now before a second sold out. Release date 01.09.2014