Friday, May 9, 2014

And Then You Die – Sore (2014)

And Then You Die

Although Finland-based, mysterious project ATYD apparently finds its origins in prehistoric times, and could be responsible for the most ancient civilizations on Earth... Whoever they are, they release an intense and tortured album. Industrial, with shoegaze influences, it displays tons of heavy distorted guitars, riffs that haunts your soul, with loads of reverb. The strings cut deep through the skin. The beats are industrials. No vocals, or inaudible, yet the feeling is strong. “Sore” is not an easy album, it offers no catchy tracks, but it slowly spreads its venom, until you find yourself carved like a snake in its pit, lethargic and hypnotized. It will bring you to scary and depressive places, industrial wastelands and post-apocalyptical landscapes.

This album is a real revelation for me, one of the most interesting and uncompromising albums I have heard. I will certainly have a further look at ATYD’s discography.

Guillaume Renard

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