Monday, May 5, 2014

All Hallows Eve - The Dreaming (2014)

All Hallows Eve
The Dreaming

Some weeks ago, we published a review of thedebut single by All Hallows Eve; and now here’s the first full length of this new project, and I have to say that I’m very pleased with this record. First of all, I don’t want to make comparisons with other similar projects because All Hallow’s Eve has their own basis, and they have found their own path. I mean, All Hallows Eve sound is closer to the sound of a well-established band (A big one) “The Dreaming” has a homogeneous sound, and at the same time it displays a very interesting array of musical textures and influences. You can feel this spirit of sincere partnership, as well as the joy of making music together. Core members are: Tom O´Connel (Guitar, keyboards, producer) Lars Kappeler (Bass, guitars) and Mike Shaw (drums) and the special guests: Marion Küchenmeister, Mike York, Rachel Speight, Tim Chandler, Bianca Stücker, Jörg Kleudgen, Ashley Dayour, etc. The quality in this release is fully guaranteed; due to this combination of talent, experience, creative visions, and influences. The production here is impeccable. This is a stunning release with some of the best Gothic Rock-Dark Wave of The New Millennium.

Siren” is the opener track, and it has a touch of exoticism with this oriental atmosphere, female voices, strong percussions, and it is like a spoken-word track. The first track ties with “The Dreaming” this song is highly refined, with male and female voices; and its sound is somewhere between Gothic Rock and Ethereal Wave music; this track is so immersive. “Deep Water” comes with this sophisticated Gothic Rock; Marion Küchenmeister sings in Spanish here, and I have to say that it sounds great. “Innocent” is a really tasteful track; it has a perfect balance between Dark Wave and Gothic Rock, with awesome melody. “All Hallow’s Eve” is the song from their debut single; it has a great combination of strength and elegance, and it’s really contagious: A powerful single here. “Fade In Silence” is a quiet instrumental tune which is like an intro to the beautifully-constructed: “The Hourglass” This is Dark Wave at its finest. “Until The Dawns” features the collaboration of Ashley Dayour of Whispers In The Shadow, and this song brings another angle for the music of All Hallow’s Eve; this one is slightly darker and mystical. “Today’s Tomorrow’s Past” Is Gothic Rock with guitars to the max, and vertiginous sound; this one is hot stuff. On the opposite side here’s “Compass” with their sound which is atmospheric and almost ethereal; brilliant Dark Wave track. This song is tied with the trance-inducing experience called: “Fade Away”

High quality stuff here, All Hallows Eve has created a pretty remarkable album; this one is actually better than I expected after listening to the debut single. Great work! 

Daniel Olvera

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