Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Stompcrash - Love From Hell (2014)

The Stompcrash  
Love From Hell
Swiss Dark Nights

I really like the previous work of TheStompcrash: “Directions” (review here) The title of the album was pretty significant because the band was taking different paths in almost every song, and I really like that. They were combining different moods; some tunes were darker, while other songs were pretty melodic. They showed some great versatility in their sound combining different styles of dark music. I was thinking then: “This song is more oriented to Post Punk; this other song is more like Dark Wave, etc., etc.” As I said before, I really like this mixture of different textures in their music. “Love From Hell” is truly a definitive album for The Stompcrash; their music is a pretty rich mixture of different elements, but this time they have achieved an homogeneous sound, their music style is totally consolidated and perfectly defined. This is a refreshing option in the Gothic Rock scene of today, and they have originality. And here you have it: This unique approach of The Stompcrash to the Gothic Rock of The New Millennium, it is spiced with the elegance of Dark Wave and it has some mild touch of 80’s Rock in some of their songs; due to the sound of the keyboards and the guitar work.

The opener song “love From Hell” is the best example of everything that I have mentioned before; the keyboards are on fire here, it made me think in some 80’s Rock, while the guitars and the rhythm section are creating this turbulent and electric Gothic Rock. This is hot stuff! “Jack” slows the pace a little, going to mid-tempo rhythm. But it sounds really strong with the addition of melodic chorus and great rhythm. “Duality” is another pretty solid song, it is mid-paced and is adorned with piano chords; this piano sounds great when mixed with those rocking guitars. “The Dancing Ants” is a bewitching dark-seductive song with female vocals; this one is quite a delicious song. “The Last Goodbye” is Gothic (80’s) Rock with capital “R” and it sounds really good. The following song; “Tonight” is introspective and deep, but they are keeping almost the same pace of the previous track; and it doesn’t feel like a huge contrast regarding to the previous track. “Bloodnever” is oriented to the Post Punk music, and it has great melody. “Follow you” is really catchy, with contagious rhythm. “On The Seventh Floor” is totally acoustic sound, at the beginning it sounds like some kind of Neo Folk tune, and then enters the piano and the rest of the band; this song is about nostalgia and it has feeling and temper. “Hunger” takes us back the Post Punk-Gothic Rock style. “The Pretender” is the final track, and I like when the final track has the same intensity and energy as the opening one.

This album is a pretty refined blend of different musical textures, the result is this stunning music created by this pretty original Gothic Rock band; they have their own identity and their own charm. And they have to be proud of this work; I’m pretty sure about it. 

Daniel Olvera

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