Monday, April 14, 2014

The Foreign Resort - Scattered & Buried (2012)

The Foreign Resort 
Scattered & Buried

From Copenhagen, Denmark here’s the tastefully melodic and energetic music made by The Foreign Resort. Their influences came from 80’s classics like: Joy Division, NIN, The Chameleons, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Cocteau Twins, Sonic Youth, Jesus & Mary Chain, and My Bloody Valentine. So here’s a good dose of high quality Post Punk-New Wave. The most noticeable attributes of The Foreign Resort are their passion, their impeccable song-writing with great melodies, and their intensity. Their music can go deep into your feelings; they can explore different moods and emotions under the nostalgic and reflexive perception of the Post Punk music. This record is simply captivating at the first glance, because of its awesome musicianship and their emotivism. A more detailed listening will reveal the refined work, and those well-constructed melodies. They are remarkable musicians and composers. The production of this album is simply flawless; the band shines even more thanks to the great work done in the recording and mix. And they are more than nostalgia, because the band has added some electronic sound to some of their songs, and it sounds really fine.

This is one of the finest and most well-balanced bands in the Post Punk scene of today.

Delayed” is fine example of what The Foreign resort can do; is finely constructed and it has lots of feeling and energy. The band really sounds big since the first track of this album. “Buried” comes with great work in the rhythm section and dominant bass lines, preceding to the sonic landslide created by the guitars; this one is pretty catchy in the verse and has some Cure-ish touch. “Rocky mountains” is a prelude to the powerful and emotive “Lost My Way”, this track is brilliant. “Tide” is highly refined with those keyboards and shynts, The Blue Nail came to my mind while listening to this song. “Orange Glow” takes you slightly from some quiet mood to a storm of guitars and rhythm. “Heart Breaks Down” is pure atmosphere and electronic sounds. “Opening Act” is Post Punk of The New Millennium with a great combination of organic sound and synths. “Take A Walk” is a beautiful song, it made me think in Modern English…with synths! Great work here! And finally here’s is a good radio edit version of “Delayed”

Simply, I loved this album: Great band and great work here. This for people who is into the sound of bands like: Interpol, Editors, Press Gang Metropol, etc. Highly recommended!

Daniel Olvera