Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Harrow – The Harrow EP (2013)

The Harrow
The Harrow EP 

The Harrow is a new Coldwave/Post-Punk act from Brooklyn, NYC. As it is formed by experienced musicians, it blends the fresh and spontaneous energy of a new band with great musical skills and knowledge. Frank Deserto (bass, synth, machines) has gathered Revel Hotel bandmate Barrett Hiatt (synth, programming), along with Greg Fasolino (guitar) and Vanessa Irena (vocals, synth), and now the band is delivering this cool five-tracks EP.

No doubt these four know their classics, the EP actually sound like it is an eighties’ release in many aspects. It brings to mind The Cocteau Twins, The Cure, and coldwave bands like Asylum Party among others. Synths are very present and dramatical, as shows in the chilling introduction of the first track “To a Figure”, and the more electronic but no less hypnotic “Milk and Honey”, which comes with impressive waves of synths, and adds up psychotic drum machine beats . The desolated “The Fall”, together with the icy “The River” could be outtakes from The Cure’s “Faith”. Guitars are sharp and together with the spooky bass, they seem to have decided to play with your nerves. Then “Requiem” offers an oppressing ending to the EP, with its claustrophobic intro and muffled, deadened vocals. Effects on Vanessa Irena’s vocals make them unreal, almost spirit-like.

The Harrow knows where they want to take you, and they certainly know how to take you there. This 2013-released EP sounds more “eighties Coldwave” than the actual “eighties Coldwave”. It could be considered a stereotyped, calibrated work, but the songs are so damn good that this becomes irrelevant. Let yourself drown into frozen blankets of fog and enjoy the cold wave...

Guillaume Renard

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