Wednesday, October 16, 2013

LowCityRain - LowCityRain (2013)


LowCityRain is the poetic name Markus Siegenhort, from post metal band Lantlôs, has chosen for his new solo project, name and album, and that transmits perfectly the atmosphere of this first release. Far from his metal band epic evolving tracks, he will surprise his fans with his elegant, “urban and depressive” -as he states- new wave.

LowCityRain”starts with the candy-like “You are everyone, you are everywhere”, new wave full of light, ethereal guitars, angelical female vocals, that typical 80’s drums sound, and from the start, reminiscences of the decade’s finest. The Cure, of course, and also The Jesus and Mary Chain come to mind. With “Grey View”, instant hit, Markus confirms his taste for shoegazing, a feeling that remains all through the album. This time vocals are distant, and the overall feel is more depressed. A soundtrack for rainy Sundays, where mesmerizing guitars meet simple and beautiful lyrics (“Two sad lovers lonely dancing, lonely dancing”). “I Don’t Know Myself” and “Numb” are even more introspective and indolent, with hazy synths and echoing drums, bringing the listener to misty corners of the mind… “Phantom” unleashes the guitars and paves the way for the magnificent “Nightshift”, its grandiose keys, roaring guitars and remarkable rhythm section and vocals by Andy Julia of Soror Dolorosa. Hopefully it will be possible to hear these songs live. The record comes to an end after two lush atmospheric tracks, “Vulnerable Now” and “Your Eyes And The Sea”, slightly lighter, as if a beam of light was about to pierce the grey clouds.

To be honest, I am totally spellbound by this first album. There is a melancholy and a sensitivity to it that strike me as irresistible. Like said before, it is a perfect record for grey autumn Sundays, watching the rain fall by the window. It’s an autumn record, for the romantics and the new wave lovers.

Guillaume Renard

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