Monday, May 20, 2013

Garden of Delight - Faithful And Fallen | Rediscovered (2013)

Garden of Delight
Faithful And Fallen | Rediscovered
Solar Lodge

As I said before, this not your everyday remastered and remixed version of a classic album, “Faithful And Fallen” has been re-made, it has new strength and it is a new approach and the reinterpretation of a classic album made by the same creative mind. And actually this is very interesting. As far as I know, this was a self –released album, and some people have told me that it was hard to find back in the day. Because of this; the Rediscovered version is really appreciated. Is a good chance to have access to this really interesting album from Garden Of Delight. As in the other Rediscovered releases, the differences from the original versions are easy to catch; the work made in order to rebuild this album, has a very remarkable result at the end.”Faithful And Fallen” has the very distinctive features from Garden Of Delight: The combination of involving and trance-inducing atmospheres (when doing emphasis on the Occvlt); and by the other hand, the exciting Gothic Rock full of energy and with brilliant execution.

After the intro with some Dark-Ambient sound,”This Priesthood” enters like walking out from the holy smoke of a ritualistic covenant. The song is mid tempo and displays great energy and passion, is like an invocation made with heart and soul. This one has aplomb and a very rich guitar work, combining acoustic and electric sound.”Levitation” comes with a fine display of great energy, is like electricity.”Pentagrams burning” is another sonic blast of the Best Traditional Gothic Rock, this one is really powerful.”Afterlife” explores the eerie and atmospheric side of their music; the melody comes sneaking, captivating your senses like a spell. “Wintercoffin” is a fine example of the very distinctive sound of Garden Of Delight. It combines fluent rhythm with vibrant bass lines, with a display of strength and intensity during the chorus. “Northern Skies” changes the mood and accelerates the rhythm; the sound here is very rich due to the addition of shynts and acoustic guitars, it sounds great. “Deeper We Fall” is preceded by the dark ambient of “Angelic War in Heaven”; this song is another atmospheric and passionate song. And after this song, there’s some really nice surprise at the end of this record…. 

I have to say that in my opinion, I have the feel that the spirit of “Faithful And Fallen” somehow is still alive in the most recent albums by Merciful Nuns. This combination of esoteric deepness and exciting energy is really well balanced here; and that’s because this album is so interesting. Have to mention that this one was not so easy to find at their time, and is a brilliant record. So this is a must have for fans of Garden Of Delight, The Merciful Nuns, and of course; Gothic Rock devotees everywhere.”Faithful And Fallen” is back, don’t miss it.

Daniel Olvera

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