Monday, April 8, 2013

Arcane Winter - Cold Europe - EP (2012)

Arcane Winter
Cold Europe - EP

This is the debut release from these very experienced and very well-known personalities of the Gothic Rock scene of the UK. This band is Arcane Winter; and they are Trevor Bamford on guitars (E.N.D.G., Midnight Configuration, and Death Party UK), Nick Hopkinson is the bass player (formerly with Midnight Configuration and The Realm), Piers Sixx on the voice (very well known for his radio show Dark Frequency), and Charley Perkins is  on the drums. They have described their music as a back to basics organic sound, and they are doing some electrifying Post Punk- Gothic Rock: Exciting songs with great rhythm and their music is totally guitar-oriented. They are very experienced, and at the same time they are tuned with the energetic sound of the bands from the New Millennium. 

This E.P. has eight tracks designed to be played at the highest volume, and is a refreshing and unique proposal. “Invest in death” is a good opener, a mid-tempo track and it have great guitar riffs, the rhythm section provides a solid base for the song and the voice has its own personality. This band is easy to identify.”Bad day at Gothic Rock” talks about some actual decay in some sectors of the Gothic scene; in terms of some arse cyber-posers, and other bugs. The rhythm is crushing and the song has lots of strength. “Christmas day in the workhouse” is a little bit slower and is Post Punk with heavy guitars; it has fluent energy and good transitions.”Civil War” is such a High Voltage track: it has vertiginous rhythm, great riffs, and good melody in the chorus; get ready for some Gothic Pogo-Dancing.”Sagittarius” has powerful and grinding guitar riffs; the rhythm section has overwhelming energy. This track is mid-tempo, but it has great power.”Enough” has some machine-like crushing rhythm at the beginning, but after the initial storm; it turns into a very melodic track. The rhythm is moderated, but it sounds loud and clear; while the guitars are accompanying to the voice, creating good harmonies together.”King of nothing” has fantastic rhythm and exciting guitar riffs, you will be doing Punk- Skank dance all around with this song; and it’s perfect to do that kind of moves, quite frenetic track. This was their first single, and it was accompanied by a video clip; this is actually a bonus track. I have a really good time when listening to Arcane Winter, they mix in a very great way musical styles such as: Punk, Post Punk, and Gothic Rock. Their music is straightforward and really exciting. With the experience and such names involved in this band, the quality is guaranteed. Arcane Winter  delivered a great first release.

Daniel Olvera

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