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NFD announce a one-off gig and a pair of new releases after an absence of over three years. THE GIG is at the London Islington 02 Academy, on Saturday July 6th. Tickets are available here:

The event features five bands in all.  Supporting are a reformed Skeletal Party, The Faces of Sarah, Red Sun Revival and Generation Graveyard. Ticket-holders will also gain entrance for an NFD after-show party at the nearby Slimelight club at Electrowerks.

THE RELEASE is their first release for five years – a mini-album titled ‘Reformation’, due for release on Jungle Records in June.  (Cat. no: FREUDCD113)

Then this will be followed by a full album ‘Waking The Dead’, scheduled for release in October 2013.

NFD are a London-based hybrid Goth/Rock band led by singer, guitarist and songwriter Peter ‘Bob’ White.  The band now comprises Cradle Of Filth lead guitarist James McIlroy, The Eden House & Fields of the Nephilim bassist Tony Pettitt, guitarist Chris Milden of Lahannya, and Italian drum force Luca Mazzucconi.

They released albums ‘No Love Lost’ (2004), ‘Dead Pool Rising’ (2006) and ‘Deeper Visions’ (2008) before taking an extended break.

The band have performed at numerous European festivals including Whitby Gothic Weekend, Dark City, Witchfest, M'era Luna, Wave-Gotik-Treffen and Zillo.  As well as headlining their own concerts, they have played as support for Skinny Puppy, The 69 Eyes, Mortiis, Umbra et Imago and The Mission.

Country of origin: UK - London
Year of creation: 2000
Official site:
Peter 'Bob' White - Vocals Guitars
Tony Pettitt - Bass
Chris Milden - Rhythm Guitar
James Mcilroy - Lead Guitar
Luca Mazzucconi - Drums

Official Biography
NFD have a distinguished rock background. They comprise Tony Pettitt, the Fields Of The Nephilim founder-bassist, who teamed up with vocalist/guitarist Peter Bob White and drummer Simon Rippin when the Nephilim reunion floundered in 2002. Simon was previously in both The Nefilim and Fields of the Nephilim line-ups (but he left the band), as well as together with Bob in Sensorium. 

For live gigs they bring in two extra guitarists, Chris Milden and James Mcilroy (Cradle of Filth) and Luca Mazzucconi as the new drummer.

Their Nephilim roots gave them immediate attention from that bands still devoted following, but press reviews surpassed any casual goodwill. NFDs No Love Lost simply devastates and lays waste to every other gothic wannabe band of the last decade. Some of the best gothic rock music produced since the late 80s was Rock Sounds verdict. Metal Hammer said: An absolute must-have. And Germanys Sonic Seducer called it Possibly THE gothrock album of the year. The German press in particular have got behind the band with regular features in Zillo, Orkus & Sonic Seducer magazines.

NFD have performed at numerous festivals, both in the UK (Whitby headline, Dark City, Witchfest) and Germany (Mera Luna, Zillo, Wave-Gotik Treffen, Burgnachte, Herbsnachte) and toured UK & Europe on their own and with Mortiis, Umbro Et Imago & The Mission.

Alan Hauser.
Jungle Records

Official Discography
"Light My Way", March 2006
"When the Sun Dies", February 2008

Break the Silence, October 2003
Deeper Visions, April 2008

No Love Lost, October 2004
No Love Lost: Live and Unleashed, May 2005
Dead Pool Rising, June 2006
Deeper Visions, 2008

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