Monday, September 17, 2012

After Dusk

Country of origin: Greece
Year of creation: 2004
City/ Location: Athens
Official site:
Official contact mail: [email protected] 
Related Bands: The Unseen Chains

Official Biography: 
After Dusk were formed in autumn of 2004 by two gothic rockers, John "Cecrops" V. and John and John "Preacherman_DF" K., as a result of a long-year activity in the specific genre. By March 2005 Akis L., a charismatic singer, was added to their ranks. Their music, deeply influenced by the sound of legendary gothic bands like The Sisters Of Mercy and Fields Of The Nephilm, carries on in the same traditional way, but also includes new and personal elements. Under the guidance of their producer, the experienced Bob Katsionis, After Dusk begun working on their debut album. A part of that music material can be heard in "Primal Memorandum - demo CD", released in December 2005.  November 2007: the final part in the creation of the album (the artwork) has been completed. It is entitled "End Of Our Days".

Official Discography:
Primal Memorandum (Demo CD), End Of Our Days (unreleased)

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