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Country: Germany
Formed in: 1996
Location: Hamm
Bianca Stücker – vocals, dulcimer
Oliver Pietsch – guitars
Markus Bosser – violin
Rainer Janssen – synths
KathaHari – performance, e-guitar
Lars Kappeler – bass guitar
Gerwin Spalink – drums
Contact: contact(at)

Using acoustic, medieval and modern instruments as well as electronics, VIOLET create accoustic illusions, that become visible at their shows: working with actors and dancers VIOLET turn their concerts into unique events. Since 1999 they have released four albums.  The VIOLET- members also recorded a fifth album - titled MANDRA MEA - that contains original medieval music. This project is called VIOLETTA - to draw a clear distinction between both bands: VIOLET (Medieval Goth Cabaret) and VIOLETTA (oriental and occidental medieval music).  Since 2010 singer Bianca Stücker also runs a new project, THE VIOLET TRIBE. 

Recently, the ambitious and enterprising producers Bianca Stücker “Cinnamon Star” (vocals, dulcimer) and Oliver Pietsch “Dr. P” (guitars) busied themselves mainly with their underground music and belly dance project The Violet Tribe, earning international acclaim, but now they have returned to work with Violet: Together with Markus Bosser (violin), Rainer Janssen (keyboards), KathaHari (performance, e-guitar) Lars Kappeler (bass), and Gerwin Spalink (drums), Stücker and Pietsch expanded the musical cosmos of the  band to create The Violet Steam Experience. The band hasn’t lost its penchant for historic and fantastic elements, but now, in 2013, Violet have slightly turned away from their medieval leanings and focus on Victorian Gothic splendour, bittersweet melodies and end-of-time pop gems sparkling with an eerie  beauty. On nine extravagant tracks, the six musicians set forth to explore steampunk aesthetics in their very  own, astounding way: Lord Byron’s “Prometheus” has been given an opulent, dark but catchy treatment  with hit potential, while “Apocalyptic City” fascinates with its laid-back, bewildering charm. “I’m Leaving  Ground” has a haunting, memorable quality, and “Teaparty 42” bears resemblance to a scene from Alice In  Wonderland. And a dark hymn like “Sleepless” finds a perfect, contrasting counterpart in the light and airy  “Deep Down Underground”. To coincide with the release of their fifth album, Violet have planned a  number of gigs, presenting a show beyond competition. Grotesque and ghostly, glamorous and always with a pinch of irony – just like the Violet Steam Experience

2013 Violet: The Violet Steam Experience (Équinoxe Records/Nova MD)
2009 Violet: Modern Life (Équinoxe Records/Nova MD)
2007 Violet: The Book of Eden (Équinoxe Records/Nova MD)
2002 Violet: Omnis mundi (costbar/BrokenSilence)
1999 Violet: September (dodo/EFA)

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