Saturday, June 8, 2013

Of Beauty and Madness

Country: USA
Formed in: 2006
Location: New York
Members: Charles Cudd (drums), Jenna D'nofrio (keyboards), Nora Stock (lead vocals), Dmitry Kurov (guitar), Nate Dal Cais(bass)
Contact: Charles Cudd charles.cudd(at)

Self indulgent
Soundtrack music

Obam is melodic and entrancing...the music serves as the canvas for lyrical paint. Obam creates music that is visual and will bring you to another plane. Obam tackles everything from delta blues to folk to rnb to goth to hard rock...with stellar female vocals and top musicianship, obam keeps its sonic brew fresh in the cauldron.....Obam's soon to be released debut album "Love=Pain+Sacrifice" is sure to entrance and entertain the musically adventurous.....

Arise from the dead 2001
Of Beauty and Madness
The Mourning after
Triple Goddess
Listen Up

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