Saturday, June 8, 2013

Night Sins - New Grave (2012)

Night Sins
New Grave

Night Sins a very talented four-piece band from Philadelphia, USA. Their music is simply captivating and bewitching; people who love dark 80’s will fall hopelessly in love with the sound of this great revelation from The New Millennium. The mix could be described as a combination of the classic Gothic Rock bands, 80’s Darkwave, and the sound of 4 AD….Dark 80’s at its finest!, nothing can beat that. And the great thing here is that this is NOT hype, Night Sins is real and this “New Grave” is the definitive proof. When listening to their music, lots of great classic bands will come to your mind; but have to say that at the end, they have created a very personal vision of Dark Music. Night Sins has their own heart and soul, and they have the ability to cause such a great impact since the first listening. “Playing Dead” simply goes straight to the point: Without any kind of intro, they give us this dynamic rhythm, the dominating bass lines, the fine guitar chords which are traditional in Post Punk music; and the voice is like fog floating around the entire place. The unique spell and elegance of the Dark 80’s, is the spirit of this album.”Shoot me up” has some structure similar to “Alice” by The Sisters Of Mercy in terms of rhythm. They add keyboards and very interesting transitions, creating something unique and involving. “Spectral Bliss” is quite a remarkable track, with wonderful melody and is amazingly rich in sounds and nuances; quite a pleasant experience! ”The stranger” is slow and dark with some strong rhythm; it becomes very melodic and has a kind of warm feel in the choruses. This is a really interesting turn regarding to the initial atmosphere. “Knell” is the dark calm preceding to that cascade of vibrant energy, and rhythm called: “The eternal giver” which is a great combination of some faster rhythm, and refined guitar chords. The voice has lots of passion here.”Wild eyes” is the finest 80’s Dark Wave-Post Punk, with great choruses which are very contagious. “Winged thing” comes with great strength and the drum machine at its loudest. And later, they take you to more melodic grounds during the chorus, without missing a single bit of their force and darkness. Quite a ride is this one!”Knife to the sky” is glorious 80’s Dark Wave and Post Punk; it has wonderful melody which leads you to a hallucinating state. In this climatic moment, the album comes to the end and you will want more; so let’s play the entire album again, and again… This is a must have, “New Grave” is simply a master piece of The New Millenium.

Daniel Olvera