Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kommunity FK

Country: USA
Formed in: 1978
Location: Universal
Patrik Mata (founder, composer, multi-instrumentalist, shapeshifter)
Sherry Rubber (lead guitarist, backing vocals, multi-instrumentalist, chanteuse)
Brian Keith (bassist)
Julian Martinez (drums)
Contact: Mistress Eva von Silky

Patrik Mata founded Kommunity FK in 1978 in the very beginnings ov Post Punk yet began Deathrock in Hollywood, California. His band is now celebrating his 35th anniversary by touring nationally while also recording a new album inside his Vision & The Voice Studio located in the haunted desert ov the Southwest USA.

The Vision & The Voice lp (1983)
Close One Sad Eye (1985)
La Santisima Muerte (2010) 
Proper FKed: Vol.1 (Remix Companion to La Santisima Muerte)

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