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Country: USA
Formed in: 1999
Location: New York
Members: Nate Dal Caisv(vocalsv - guitar), Charles Cudd (drums), Lynn Haze (bass)
Contact: Nate Dal Cais: foreverautumnrecords(at)

Founded by Nate Dal Cais, Imbolg was named after a pagan holiday. Dal Cais became inspired by the meaning behind the holiday, Imbolg which brings hope of better times and encourages people to rejoice for what they have. Dal Cais teamed up with Malacoda in 2004 and the pair along with original drummer Torbin the Beholder (who did a European tour with hardcore icons the Cro-Mags), began performing at such venues as CBGB's 1313 alchemy gothic lounge, and more recently performing in New England,Connecticut, Pennsylvania and NJ as well as continuing to perform in New York. Imbolg's influences range from Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Type O Negative, Kiss, Return to Khafji, Kamelot, Sisters of Mercy, Malaise,Paradise Lost, Moonspell, Rush, Muse, Switchblade Symphony, Tool, and many others.

In keeping with a Pagan ambiance, Imbolg does a ritual at every show before they start to perform which entails burning of sage and incense which they were noted for by Goth author Mick Mercer in his latest book : "Music To Die For".

Shattered (Remixes)
Paler Still

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