Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Double Echo

Country: UK
Formed in: 2012
Location: Liverpool
Members: Chris Luna & Ash Lerczak (vocals, guitars, synths, programming)
Contact: doubleecho(at)

Chris Luna flew from San Diego to Liverpool, England, picturing the authentic northern wave experience, only to find that times had moved on since the fabled 1980s Liverpool scene that he had read about. Shortly after meeting Ash Lerczak, from cult local group Zombina and the Skeletones - both admitted to harbouring long term ambitions to form some kind of “drum machine goth band” to drag Liverpool back into its sordid past. Over time this concept would evolve into Double Echo, a dark experimental pop act where heavily treated guitars and detuned synths swim against a tide of spaced out rhythm box and warped ¼” tape. This insistence on using painstaking analogue methods where many would opt for a laptop is no mere aesthetic decision but an integral part of Double Echo’s sound and philosophy: imagination flourishes the most within the strictest parameters. Close your eyes and find out.

Black Morning EP (2012)
Phantomime (2013)

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