Saturday, June 22, 2013

Contre Jour

Country:  France
Formed in: 2009
Location: Nice
Members: Roxy (Vocals, Ideas)
Christof (Bass, Keyboards, Programming, Production)
Manu (Guitars, Keyboards, Instruments, Backing Vocals, Production)
Contact: contrejourband(at)

Contre Jour, a french band from Nice (south of france) starts in 2009 just after "Neptüne". After several line up changes, Contre Jour is currently composed of Roxy, Christof and Manu. At the moment, the band has just released its second album "PASSION and FALL". Their first album called "One night at the station", which is a self-produced project (achieved early 2010 to be finally released with "INFRASTITION" on march 2011), combines many influences from the 80's / 90's, and offers a punchy sound between rock and new wave. In july 2011, the band performed a small tour in germany (Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden). Currently release their second album "PASSION and FALL", it contains around 14 tracks (over one hour of music) composed written and self-produced between may 2010 and october 2012. Infrastition ( January 2013. At the same time, some members of CJ play in an other band : Christof and Manu are respectively bassist and guitarist in Garçons Coiffeurs.

1st album : ONE NIGHT AT THE STATION (released march 2011 with INFRASTITION)
2nd album : PASSION and FALL (released january 2013 with INFRASTITION)

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