Saturday, June 8, 2013

Atomic Neon

Country: Germany
Formed in: 2007
Location: Essen
Website: ,
Rio Black (vox)
Lars Kappeler (git.)
Sandy Cheeks (bass)
Danni Dark (key)
Friedi Hü (drums)
Contact: rioblack(at) , info(at)

Atomic Neon was founded originally in 2007. The founding members consisted of Rio Black (vocals), Dr. Mole (guitar) and Patrick Blanc (guitar) together. To complete the band, other musicians were sought and found. Jeanne Dark joined the band on bass, and Paco on drums added. The first cast was thus found. The first songs were published in 2008 in "Motor Music online" as an EP entitled "Life on earth" Due to time differences, business reasons, there have been many times redeployment within the band. The first album by Atomic Neon, "Darkenia", was recorded accordingly in the following cast: Rio Black (vocals), Dr. Mole (guitar), Patrick Blane (guitar), Totti (bass guitar), Maurice (keyboard), Ulf Winestock / Tristan (drums). The debut album "Darkenia" was released in December 2008 under the label "Black Rain". The press and various, relevant magazines were aware of the Essener, so that Atomic Neon now present on various compilations of these magazines their songs. (examples are "A Compilation Vol 3, Black pages Sampler, Black Snow, The Funeral Vol 2, Gothic Culture, Zillo, Orkus, dark spy, gothic magazine, synthitics magazine, negatif"is mentioned. Atomic Neon had a lively live presence, and here, in addition to various smaller club gigs, such as performances at the WGT in Leipzig in 2008, the Darkness-Summer Festival in Uetrecht, 2009, and the Essen-Original Festival should be mentioned in 2010 is representative. Not to be forgotten is a support gig for "Chameleons Vox" in 2010. Late 2009/early 2010 was again held a major upheaval, with respect to occupation, in Atomic Neon, so that the band currently composed as follows: Rio Black (vocals), Trickser (guitar), Meikel X (guitar), Sandy (Keyboard ) Salvina (bass guitar), Karol (drums). In this lineup the band entered in fall 2010 to the studio to record new songs for a new album. The album "Change" published in early 2011, under the label "Black Rain".Musically, the "sound" of Atomic Neon usually is somewhere between the directions Independent / Wave / Rock / Punk. But again: to describe music is a difficult task, "listening" helps. 2012 has begun with a big stroke of fate, our friend and guitarist "Trickster" died!

...but .. he said ...we should carry on ...and we should live for him ..his "Rock 'N' Roll Life"

. ...”show must go on” ! :-(

2013:  We are @ work , with the new guys,  and a new album is comming 2014

2007  "life on earth" , e.p.,  (Motor Music)
2008 "Darkenia" , CD, (Black Rain)
2011 "Change" , CD (Black Rain)
2011 "A Desperate Dream" , 7" Vinyl, (Plastic Frog)
2013 " The Other" , free online mp3 e.p. , (Atomic Neon Product.)

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