Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sorry, Heels

Country: Italy
Formed in: 2011
Location: Frosinone
Members: SIMONA: voice / FABIANO: guitars / DAVID M.:bass / GERRY: drums
Contacts:   ---   sorry.heels(at)

The idea of forming a band called "SORRY, HEELS" comes before having a clear vision of what musical direction to take, and stems from the urgency to play and compose music with passion and honesty, with heart and blood. Early attempts date back to summer 2010 when FABIANO (a/k/a Loren) and DAVID M. both former members of Chants of Maldoror, band active since 1994 and well known in the dark/goth international circuits, decided just for fun to experiment new sounds with the help of several drummers and the vocalist SIMONA.

Since the first rehearsals the new band deliberately chose to move away from what has been done previously and prove their affinity by performing songs of other bands, and the choice lies with names that will surely mark the territory in which they want to move: Joy Division, Sonic Youth, Stooges, Velvet Underground. Following the end of C.o.M. in 2011 and after a short “gestation” period, after which the band is joined by drummer GERRY (former member of Ill Will, Mechanima and La Bastille), SORRY, HEELS begin writing original songs, enriching their sound with new wave and shoegaze elements. May 18, 2013 marks the band’s first official release, the four-tracks EP titled "Wasted", which was recorded and mixed at VDSS Recording Studio by Filippo Strang. SORRY, HEELS are currently working on new material that will make up the true debut album, accompanying the composition and recording activities to as many concerts as possible. 

Wasted - CD EP , 2013

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