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Nova Et Vetera

Country: France
Formed in: 1998
Location: Oise and val d'oise

(2006 - 2012)
Wily mrlamort - Guitar and lead vocal
Carmen miss lamort - Percus and Vocal
Herrich le grand - Bass and vocal
Jean de la pierre - Keyboard and vocal
Shae Nolis - Lead Guitar and vocal
Frere Stef' - Cello

Wily mrlamort - Guitar and lead vocal
Carmen miss lamort - Percus and Vocal
Herrich le grand - Bass ans vocal

0033 3 44 47 74 25 / novaetvetera(at)

First of all, the band  Nova Et Vetera (N.E.V.) is a human and artistic experience which is opened to others disciplines. The first idea was to offer the show that we would have liked to see in live performance. 
On stage, The video projection of animated films completes the ashy, dusty and nostalgic aestheticism of the musicians in order to share the beauty of the emotions and spread them with poetry, at the risk of surprising and disturbing the audience.  The music proposed by the band is a baroque mix of  dark rock backed by cold sounds , from experimental punk to death rock or even minimal synthetic. 

Birth of the band with the meeting of mrlamort (vocals/guitar/machines) and Essem  (vocals/guitar) and Miss lamort (writer). Release of the first demo 3 tracks with  cd-rom part : "DEMO 1.999". 

Opening for the band Von Magnet, the trio, with Ziton's help  (bassist of the band Zampano), offered a unique performance  "Disce Mori", with video projection, costumes and music to honor a friend technician gone too early. 

 2004 to 2005
At Essem's departure, the band rearranged the compositions several times according to the different line-ups,  then it stabilized on a sextet. 

2006 to 2009
mrlamort (Vocals/guitar), Miss lamort (Vocals/Percussions), Herrich le grand (Vocals/Bass), Jean de la Pierre (Keyboard), Shaé Nolis (Vocals/Lead Guitar) and Frère Steph' (Cello) shared a stage with a lot of bands : Wallenberg, Jacquy Bitch, the Brotherhood of Pagans, Skeletal Family, Franck The Baptist, Joy Disaster, No Tears, Soror Dolorosa, AinSophaur... 

The Band produced a first  5 tracks EP + 1 animated movie in 2006 (INextremis) then in 2009 a second 3 tracks EP + 1 animated movie : "Après la mort" (after death) in CDR format. During this time the band appeared on some compilations (La salamandre, Sanctus Amenus Dominus Erecta...) In July 2009, the band stopped touring in order to focus on the recording of its first album, eventually longer than we planned for materials and health reasons. 

At last the band releases the concept album "Dead Waltz" on their own label Une Nuit Cent Lunes, distribution by Manic Depression.  It is now  a multifaceted creature which evolves in function of desires and backed on the catalysts mrlamort (guitar/vocal), Miss lamort (percus/vocal) and Herrich (bass/vocal).  

The concept 
On screen ,the animated movie illustrates a tale for adults composed by ten episodes. On stage, musicians embody their musical and emotional feelings.  

The story 
At this turning moment when the mind leaves the body, a woman freshly assassinated tries to give this act a meaning. Then pictures run high like fragments of memory. The woman creates an emotional bound with the man, an hypnotic and infanticide father, a puppet indwelt by the spirit of the dead. 

Dead Waltz - format : LP - Vinyle 12" - 10 tracks 2013, produced by : une nuit cent lunes - distributed by : Manic Depression Records
Après la mort  - format : EP - CDR - 3 tracks 2009,  produced by : une nuit cent lunes
INextremis - format : EP - CDR - 5 tracks, 2006, produced by : une nuit cent lunes
DEMO 1999  - format : EP - CDR - 3 tracks  1999,  produced by : une nuit cent lunes

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