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Country: Germany
Formed in: 2003 (unnamed) - 2006 as KALT
Location: Düsseldorf
Members: Mike York
Contact: [email protected]

KALT is the gothic-rock project by composer, singer and guitarist Mike York. He sings about life and release, love and distress, memories and experiences. And against liars and cheaters! The resonant productions consists of earthy Sound mixed with powerful but melodic rocking guitars. The spectrum of KALT range from spheric-gloomy rock with strong Rock influence to soundrack like songs. Founded in 2003 it started without a name, but it was KALT from the very beginning! The intention was only to write some songs. No more, no less. 2006 Mike released some of the first songs named as "Wie ein einziger Tag" via free download only - and it is still free till today! The songs were released on CD in 2008 as a strictly limited DVD-format metal box with a bonus CD, including same rare stuff and never official released cover versions. It should be limited to 100 pieces, but in fact only about 40-50 pieces where (hand-)made. In 2009 the "Dein Gott" album was released in "do-it-yourself" (but top professional quality), too. Also a high collectable item! The release is strictly limited, also with DVD-Cover as Mike wants to intensify the impression of the "braincinema" the album sounds like. The release includes a booklet of 16 pages, all lyrics, an autographed postcard and a sticker. The album was re-released by echozone in 2011 and extended by the "The Blood EP" as an edition of 100.

The first release in 2012 was the "Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm" EP as download only. And in spring the "Der Sturm" full-time album followed, with the fantastic support of Rachel (Die Laughing) and Sassy (Reaktive Black). 

As in the past the songs were written in german and english, from 2012 on all songs are sung in german. 
• Side notes:
- Mike York was a member of the Goth Rock Legend Garden of Delight since 1999. 
- For a short time in the beginning KALT's line up was Mike York, Thym York and Niels Herbig (all GOD)
- Former bands: Garden of delight (1999 - 2008), Merry Thoughts, The Blessed & the Cursed, Rose of Devotion

2006 - Wie ein einziger Tag (free download)
2008 - Wie ein einziger Tag (40-50 handmade 2CD in DVD-format metal boxes)
2009 - Dein Gott (lim. DVD box)
2011 - The Blood EP (download)
2011 - Dein Gott + The Blood EP (2CD in lim. DVD box)
2012 - Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm EP (download only)
2012 - Der Sturm (album + download)

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