Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Canis Lupus

Country: Sweden
Formed in: Lindesberg
Location: Lindesberg/Örebro
Robert - Vocals
Andreas - Drums
Tony - Bass
Christer - Guitar
Daniel S- Guitar
Lisa - Backing Vocals

(Anna - Keyboards 1999-2000)
(Emilie - Keyboards 2000-2001)
(Daniel L - Bass 1999-2002)

Tony Lindén
Tycho Brahes gata 7
415 17 Gothenburg
E-mail: tony.linden(at)
Phone: +46(0)732312677

As far as we know it, the egg where impregnated a wet evening during the Augustibuller 1999 festival. The drummer Andreas, the former bassplayer Daniel L and the singer Robert decided to start play gothrock. Later on during a night out (not so wet, just moisty) the guitarrists Christer and Daniel S learned about the plans and soon after the band started. Canis Lupus were born. After the forming a number of concerts followed, memberchanges, reposts and a couple of keybordplayers came, went and came back again. Between 2001 and 2002 a demotrilogy were recorded and during that time the existing crew were established. Robert - vocals, Daniel S and Christer - guitars, Tony - bass and Andreas - drums. 2 more demo recordings and a number of gigs followed, until the band was eventually disbanded in 2006, after making a single-song re-recording of Symmetry together with renowned producer Rickard Löfgren from Bay Laurel.

2001 - Believer
2001 - Receiver
2002 - Deceiver
2003 - Lights May Pass
2005 - Chasing The Gods

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