Monday, April 22, 2013

Der Himmel über Berlin - Memories Never Fade (2012)

Der Himmel über Berlin
Memories Never Fade
Swiss Dark Nights 

Definitely Der Himmel Uber Berlin (named after the cult-film by Wim Wenders) has all the essence of the underground Gothic bands from the 90’s. They are doing traditional Gothic Rock of great quality; their musical style is perfectly defined and I like it, because they have a sound of their own. While listening to this band, I had some nostalgic feeling for the 90’s, for the second wave. They reminded me when we used to pick up some European compilation albums, and we discovered to some really amazing bands like: Swans Of Avon, Lucie Cries, Love Like Blood, etc. I’m very glad to listen to a band like this, which is very loyal to the essence of this musical style. They are doing traditional Gothic Rock in its purest form without add-ons; and they are doing a very remarkable labor because they are really good in what they are doing. We have here very skilled musicians, and talented songwriters; they have a defined sound and every song has something different to offer. 

The album begins with “Donau ruf”, it has great guitar riffs and some seconds later; the entire band enters doing some unique Gothic Rock with great energy. This song is very exciting and it’s a great opener. “Sad boy” maintain the level of intensity; this songs combines melodic passages with cadence, and fine guitar sound in the verse, and the chorus are really electric. The rhythm is pounding at the end. “Night moans” is mid-tempo, but it sounds really loud and clear, and it’s quite solid piece of true Gothic Rock. “We dreamt to be happy” sounds vertiginous and melodic at the same time. It combines 90’s Goth with 80’s Post Punk in such a great way. “Birch Forest” comes with some pounding rhythm at the start, and it has a good change; and it becomes melodic in the verse and the choruses. “Blue Scarecrow” is introspective and melodic; another mix of 80’s and 90’s sounds with great execution. This track has a really fine sound and emotive feel.”Strawberry lipstick” is darkly captivating, with seductive melody and good rhythm. It could work really great as a single.”Varena” is pretty well-balanced and very pleasant to listen. The last three tracks of this album are really climatic: “Eaten up” was the first track that I listened from this band (in the SDN live-compilation) And I get very interested in their music since then. This is some really dark song, quite fascinating and involving. It will make you move with its hypnotic rhythm.”Sweet dancing butterfly” is pure energy; a consummated Gothic Rock track with awesome rhythm. It’s very danceable and brilliant.”Alumette Lucifer” is very melodic with romantic feel; it shows another side of their sound and is a great closure for this album. This record is for everybody who loves real Gothic Rock. I have this CD and I’m very interested in the previous releases of this very talented band. I suggest this record to all the newcomers who want to know what real Gothic rock is all about. And if you are a devotee of this kind of music; don’t hesitate and go for this one. This is a limited edition, don’t miss this one.

Daniel Olvera

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