Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ulterior - The Bleach Room (2013)

The Bleach Room
Speed Records 

Ulterior is back with a new record worth to be played at max volume. This record is really different from the previous one. This rime they go deeper into even more alternative and experimental grounds, with a mayor use of shynts; in contrast with the more Rock-oriented and impressive “Wild In Wildlife”. Here we have some electrifying and quite energetic tracks, dark electronic sound, and some experimental touch. Musically, this album is very rich. They have a double edge; because their music comes with the overwhelming energy of a band which is young and hungry. And by the other hand, they are very talented and have the ability to merge different musical styles; creating some very unique sound. They are in constant mutation. This record could be the perfect fusion of their early hard-edged sound (“Weapons” and “15”) and “Wild In Wildlife”, but a more detailed listening reveals that this new album has its own personality, its own direction. Definitely, this one is a new turn in their musical style.

”Fun gun” is a short track which is like an introduction to the concept of “The bleach room” very elaborated bass lines, keyboards and voice samplers, creating moments of rising expectation. “Zero over two” begins with a minimalistic-electronic rhythm, the voice enters with effects and it is very surrounding. Suddenly, the rest of the band enters and break the initial tension with this strong, and energetic mid-tempo track. This is very 80’s in its feeling. “Psychic chic” begins with a vertiginous and irresistible electronic rhythm which is so catchy; and the guitars explode during the highly contagious chorus: “Apocalypse now, Apocalypse now!” It’s time for really dark electro-sound with “Skydancing”; this song literally grips, you and makes you move with its trance-inducing rhythm. Getting high without toxics?.. .Quite possible with this song! “Cool TV” has a very appropriate intro, someone changes the channel and; we are tuned with another captivating an electric track by Ulterior: Drum machine rhythm, great guitars, very fluent and strong bass lines, and the voice displays lots of effects and samples. End of transmission.

“Hello Andromeda” is quite atmospheric; very remarkable execution in the bass guitar, it is basically the base of the song, accompanying to the voice, the guitars are almost ethereal, and the shynts are giving an emphasis to the moments of mayor intensity.”Body Hammer” really rocks so loud and fast, its rising power with brilliant rhythm; it is a spiritual successor of Billy Idol’s finest tracks.”Motorin’” is an example of what this machinery called Ulterior does like no one: combining a totally Rocking feeling with electronic rhythms. “In Vitro” has the same feel of straight-sonic assault Ulterior style; but with a deeper voice this time. “Locust of control” was the first single, and the first song from this album that they revealed. It has a video clip which is very powerful in its visual concept. The song has drama, lots of intensity and some claustrophobic feeling. They have done another impressive and highly enjoyable album. One of the best releases of this year.

Daniel Olvera

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