Thursday, March 28, 2013

Two Moons

Country: Italy
Formed in: 2009
Location: Bologna
Members: 4 (Emilio, Nis, Mister Rips, Ngilinex)
Contact: [email protected] - +393200312639

Two Moons is a musical project founded in 2009 from an idea of Emilio Mucciga, Giuseppe Taibi (MisterRips), Vincenzo Brucculeri (Nils) and Angelo Argento (Ngilinex) active musicians for very long years with the joint intentions and aim to set up a very ambitious and important musical project. Two artistic souls in one band: one dark, the other introspective, linked to typical sound of the 1980′s darkwave (Joy Division, Bauhaus ecc.) and the magnetic, shamanic and solar of modern electronic sound. The Two Moons, offer acid and visionary atmospheres, representations of fragile post-industrial poetry, an imperious psychedelic – pop without any heavy individualism.Two Moons’ musical production is a journey not told but illustrated, does not describe but represents an experimental soul that reveals a fascinating uneasiness.

2009 EP - The first Moon
2012 LP - Colors

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