Sunday, February 3, 2013

Salome's Dance

Country: Russia
Formed in: 2012
Location: Saint-Petersburg
Vadim Barsov - vocals / Alexander Korzun - guitar / Pall Nattsol - bass / Nikita Gusev - drums
Contact: gravejibes @

Salome's Dance is the band that inevitably had to be formed when two fellow bands - Grotesque Sexuality and Breathing of Bones called it a day nearly at the same time, and ex-vocalist of the latter one moved to Saint-Petersburg, where Nattsol from Grotesque Sexuality was searching for musicians for a new project. After several months this unnamed project turned into Salome's Dance, the first line-up of which consisted of Vadim on vocals, Nattsol on bass, Alexander on guitar and Pavel on drums. With this line-up the band recorded 3-track demo and appeared live for the first time in September 2012. After that Pavel was replaced on drums by Nikita - the former guitar player of Grotesque Sexuality. In this line-up the band rehearses new tracks and plans for eventful 2013.

- Demo - 2012 (bandcamp)

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