Thursday, January 3, 2013


Country of origin: Czech Republic
Year of creation: 2011
City/ Location: Pisek
Official site: Facebook
Tongue T – vocal, guitar, bass, lyrics
Tongue J – vocal, drums, lyrics, production
Sudlice – visuals

Official Biography: 
The history of Tongue started at Walpurgis Night on 2011 after Tongue T´s previous local punk band disbanded. Shortly before that Tongue T was searching someone to submerge into the darker corners of guitar driven punk music with. A lot of unexpected free time inspired Tongue T to write several songs in the darker way he liked. When he had finished some sketches, he asked his brother Tongue J (a drummer who played in several art rock bands in the past) to join the band. It happened at the Walpurgis Night 2011 while the two were sitting in the forest by the bonfire alone, just with their acoustic guitars.

Together they recorded a very first Czech deathrock record "At The Beginning" reflecting their love for gothic rock, postpunk, deathrock and occult. The EP (on which both members sing – very often at the same time) was recorded, mixed and even mastered by the band itself – it was a strictly DIY work with a help from Sudlice, who did the visuals. The result was released on French label Zorch Factory Music and on respected German label AF Music. Since then the release is getting very good reviews from all over the world, that are describing the EP as "a very promissing beginning". 

At the moment they are preparing a material for the new record that will explore their path of "fetish occultism" more and deeper.

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