Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Stompcrash - Directions (2012)

The Stompcrash
Dreamcell 11 |  Aural Music 

From Italy, this is The Stompcrash whit their new album “Directions”. This four-piece band has very distinctive features: Male and Female voices that sound quite unique and they mix Post-Punk and Gothic Rock in their own way. This album is like some clair-obscure, the songs have a good variety of styles and sounds, and they go from dreamy - melodic songs, to darker tunes. With influences of such bands like The Cure, Joy Division, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, All about Eve, etc., they have made a sound that can be easily identified. This is a very 80’s influenced album but at the same time, their sound is fresh and dynamic.

“Awoken from uneasy dream” is Post Punk, mid- tempo, and very solid with good rhythm. The voice reaches some tones like the ones of Red Lorry’s Chris Reed.” Leaves begin to fall” is very melodic with a very special energy; it has a combo of female-male voices, and the song has some nostalgic feeling.”The Black Dahlia” comes with female voice; it has an almost-ethereal acoustic sound which is very pleasant to listen indeed. ”Memories” is like the other side of the coin: it’s a song with strong emotion too, but it has male voice, keyboards and it has a more energetic sound than the previous track. ”Cold luger” leads you to a quiet place and invites you to introspection. And then “Cat’s eyes” breaks the atmosphere of tranquility with its faster rhythm and it’s dark and gloomy.”Enemy at your gate” it’s another energetic song with driving guitar sound. Good riffs and great sound in this one. “Circles of mud” it’s a very well built song, this track is really surrounding. “The only real thing” is such a brilliant track, great rhythm, great chorus, and good energy. This could be a great single for this record.”Hazel” has female vocals, and its dark and sharp with some raw energy, really good track. “Looking eastward” is very different to the previous one: Melodic, with a fine sound with keyboards, and influenced by the early New Order. The beginning of ”Back in the blue” it’s definitely inspired by some instrumental passages of The Cure’s “Disintegration “ album and by Joy Division, beautiful song .

I think that If you like the new Grooving In Green album you will enjoy this one too.
They have lots of quality, and this album is really deep and full of musical contrasts, with a great variety of moods and styles. “Directions” is really interesting and such a good record. The Stompcrash are a very talented and promising band.

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