Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Soft Moon - The Soft Moon (2010)

The Soft Moon
The Soft Moon
Captured Tracks

One day The Soft Moon just broke into the underground scene and since then, the spotlight is on this name because of their talent and their great music which have a very unique style. It is dark, powerful, surrounding, and atmospheric.

In the beginning this was a solo project of the talented musician Luis Vazquez, he released under the name of The Soft Moon two singles: “Breath the fire”, “Parallels”, and this self-titled album. This album displays a huge landscape of the best Dark Post-Punk that you can find. The music of The Soft Moon enters through your ears and just captures your mind. Sometimes gloomy, sometimes minimalistic and hypnotic, and then breaking with a sudden storm of powerful and irresistible rhythms. This is the beginning and it’s quite an experience, an unforgettable trip….

The first song ever that I have listened from the Soft Moon was “Breath the fire”. I just get hooked from the first time: The riff from the bass is driving, deep, and strong, following the fluid sounds from the percussions, the voice listens like a whisper inside of your head; and the guitar sound is in the tradition of the best Post Punk bands. A fantastic start for this album and it is a great way to introduce you to the world of The Soft Moon. “Circles” leads you to a hypnotic trance. A trip of dark Psychedelia, and it’s simply hallucinating. “When It’s Over” it’s beautiful and nostalgic. “Dead Love” show us their great talent when creating music from the darkest fields of Post-Punk.”Paralels” and “We are We” are constructed from a minimalistic rhythm, and they are trance-inducing tunes. Dark psychedelics again… 

Suddenly, “Sewer Sickness” broke that state of the mind and it’s a frenetic track with a great rhythm. This song literally grabs you by the shoulders and shakes you.”Into the Dephts” Is like the spiritual successor of The Sisters Of Mercy’s “Phantom”. “Primal Eyes” is a great instrumental, with the synths emulating the sounds of animals in the jungle by night. Mind-blowing track with powerful rhythm. Somehow, Xmal Deutschland came to my mind when listening to this one. “Tiny Spiders” closes the album in such a brilliant way, with the same energy of the opening song It’s like making a cycle, and we want to repeat it over and over…

Only good songs here, amazing album! Something great just has started here, and it will be bigger and bigger. Now they have a second album, and it will be reviewed here soon. Listen to this one with lights-off. 

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