Thursday, January 10, 2013

Salvation AMP

Country of origin: Germany
Year of creation: 2010
City/ Location: Detmold
Official site:
CL – guitars and voices
AB – bass
SL – drums
Contact: [email protected]

"I never thought that I would do that again ..." - Eleven years after the end of The Home Of The Hitman in 1999, CL turned back to what he always wanted to do, since he heard The Sisters of Mercy and The Chameleons for the first time back in 1985: make his own music with his own band.

2010, the time had come to pick up the guitar again and write some songs. Still influenced by the British wave-, postpunk- and gothic-sounds of the 80s and 90s, some demo-tracks were quickly recorded. With AB on bass and SL on drums, two experienced musicians who CL knew many years, the band was complete: salvation AMP.

In September 2012 salvation AMP published their debut album “hidden faces”. Eleven songs, completely self-recorded and produced and self distributed, also seven album-tracks as free download.

The main focus of the band is on live performances, in which they put all their strength and energy. Although only a trio, salvation AMP understands to do a very full and strong sound, guitar driven rock combined with melancolic dreamscapes, powerful and dynamic. Each of the songs is virtually celebrated.

"The foundation has been laid. We look forward to what is to come."

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