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Country: Uruguay
Formed in: 2007
Location: Montevideo/Uruguay
Website: -
Lady Ego (vocals/guitar/programming)
Velvet Hierophant (guitar)
Ludivan (bass guitar)
Alejo (keyboards)
Electroviolet (drums)

Lady Ego formed RRRRRRR in 1987, after disbanding ¨Insurrección¨ his former band. Influenced by Antonin Artaud, Edgar Allan Poe, Dadaísm, Surrealism, and some gothic musical acts like: Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure, Joy Division, Killing Joke, The Damned, Virgin Prunes, Christian Death, etc. After the separation of "Insurrección", Lady Ego begins to experience their ideas with other people until it was first defined RRRRRRR’s formation in 1988 that after a year and half of looking for the perfect sound, RRRRRRR is presented live in 1989. They played for the first time on August 16, 1989 in the theater "El Tínglado". After this concert, attended by 160 people, the press defined RRRRRRR as a gothic rock band.

In May 1990, they recorded their first two demos: "Núbeses Peleando" and "Frío". As the time passed, the band began experimenting with their own sound; trying different instruments in their music, such as keyboards, drum machines, including two or even three guitars in their live performances; always recording, mixing and editing provided independently through their whole career.

The band has been running through the underground circuit of the city for the last 25 years and has performed at such legendary venues as including: "Juntacadáveres", "La Cueva" or "Amarillo”.

In the current musical approach of the band, we can find a base that leads primitive and minimalist percussive rhythms, a bass line that is steady and solid, the guitars and keyboards creates the perfect climate and mood for the singer to go through brilliant dark moments during the lyrics of each song.

To this day, RRRRRRR remains as the only band active today in Uruguay and one of the fewest in America in their genre. They have toured through America and opened shows to international artists of the scene, like Lacrimosa in their visit to Uruguay in 2010.

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