Thursday, January 31, 2013

Reactive Black

Country: Germany
Formed in: late 2005
Location: Hamburg
Sassy Skeleton (voice, lyrics, graphic work)
Rotten (all instrument, programming, lyrics, production)
Contact: [email protected]

REACTIVE BLACKwas founded in late 2005 by Sassy Skeleton (lyrics/ vox) and Rotten (all instruments/ lyrics, programming, production) in order to describe musically the self-destroying tendencies of human mankind and the dark, too often hidden and repressed aspects of being human without restrictions.REACTIVE BLACK represents catchy tuneful and in a good way morbid dark music with an outstanding mixture of powerful Doom-Blues, Dark Rock, Gothic and Metal with hard and insistent riffs with an electronic edge. Driving but consciously simple guitars and thumping drums, ensnared by bittersweet melodies and broad keyboard surfaces are basis and antipole to Sassy Skeleton‘s unique, markable, deep and polarising voice. Sassy Skeleton‘s extraordinary deep female voice pushing relentlessly into the convolutions of the listener‘s brain far away from any genrelike operatic singings. In  2008  the band self-released their first common album „Upcoming Evil“.  This record was well noticed by the international press and online magazines with very good reviews and critics. In Spring 2010 REACTIVE BLACK signed at  the german label ECHOZONE. In May 2011 they released worldwide their second  self produced album „A New Dawn...“ including their first self produced videoclip „Doom“. Now the work on the next third album is running at full blast - as well as for the Live Line-up. New video material is in preparation.

2007/2008 "Upcomig Evil" - Echozone
2010 "A new dawn..."  - Echozone

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