Thursday, January 10, 2013

Murnau's Playhouse

Year of creation: 2007
City/ Location: Tampere
Arttu - vocals
Marko - guitar 
Sari - keyboards
Ville - bass
Jaakko - drums

Murnau's Playhouse took its first steps during the autumn of 2007, when Marko and Ville hooked up and started playing together. They soon felt that a complete band was needed. One night at the Schatten gothic club, Arttu heard them speaking of the band and asked if he could join as a singer. He had been looking for a band to join, and since everyone knew each other already, it was easy for him to come along.

After a few months of some rather unproductive rehearsals with repeated playing of the Sisters' "Alice" and dreams of drum machine ownership, all three realized that something else was needed. As luck would have it, they soon after found Kontra to play the drums. This was, again, at Club Schatten.

With this four man lineup, it seemed the band was actually going somewhere now. Marko had some sketches of songs, and the guys started to work on them. The summer of 2008 passed defining Murnau's Playhouse's sound and mood, and composing new material. Near the end of the summer, Sari joined the band to play the keyboards, bringing with her that little something that had been missing from the songs.

During the fall of 2008, fairly soon after Sari joined the band, Murnau's Playhouse recorded their first demo. The band also took part, and ended up winning, the not-so-serious "Syksyn Synkin Sävel" contest arranged on Club Schatten's web forum.

In 2009, they released their debut album, Sanity Show.

The band is currently in the studio, finishing up their next release.

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