Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Liquid Grey

Country of origin: Norway
Year of creation: 2011
City Location: Kristiansand
Official site:
Members: Mr.Grey in the studio, live band line up includes various musicians
Sideprojects: Thornfields
Official contact mail: [email protected]

Official Biography:
Mr. LIQUID GREY, the Norwegian artist better known as Mr. Grey is known for his trademark guitar work which is filled with punchy rock solos, swirling flanger arpeggios and driving riffs and also his intimate, low note vocals, intriguing lyrics about alienation, loss and solitude.   His music is described by the label as "Goth rock for highways". Mr. Grey calls it "Minor key moodiness"   MR. Grey has played for many bands, Ziltch and Heroes for Hire among them. He is the ex-guitarist of the Flowers of Romance. "Brilliant mistakes" the last studio album by the band was produced by Wayne Hussey (the Mission) and is considered by many their best.

Official Discography 
"Grey Matter" 2011 (Echozone)

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