Thursday, January 3, 2013

Last Dusk

Country of origin: Costa Rica
Year of creation: 2011
Cities/ Locations: San Jose/Alajuela/Heredia
Official site:
Carfax Haddo- Vocals
Darien Castillo- Guitars and Synths
Paola Cascante- Drums
Julio Salazar-Bass
Side projects: Draconian Incubus, Powerotik, The Electric Creatures
Official contact mail: [email protected]

Official Biography:
Last Dusk is formed in September 2011 from the minds of guitarist Darien Castillo (Powerotik) (former Sex & Blood) and bassist Carfax Haddo - vocals (current bassist in Draconian Incubus, former Maniki, formerSex & Blood), influenced by Gothic rock of the 80's and its aftermath in the early 90's, the band is created to keep alive the genre´s flame.

In December 2011   "Scarlet Woman" is released as first promotional single  and is presented only in digital formal in the band´s Facebook  page as well as being included in the compilation Sombrati Records (Brazil) "Collection V.1" (2012)   along with other Latin bands of the genre.

In January the band returns to recording studio to record a second single, "V" then the band decided to include Julio Salazar (Voice for Draconian Incubus) on bass and Paola Cascante (Current drumer on Electric and Draconian Incubus Creatures) on drums.

On February 2012 premieres "V" on  Facebook page , in addition to preparing for a possible debut next February 2013, the band is currently working on release a first full-length album.

Official Discography 
Trismegistus E.P. (2011)

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