Sunday, January 13, 2013

Kuudes Silmä

Country: Finland
Formed in: 2010
Location: Helsinki
Website: /
Jere - vocals & guitar
Matti - bass & vocals
Alisa - drums
Pinni - synths
Contact: [email protected]

Kuudes Silmä was formed in Rob Halford Bar, Berlin during christmas of 2009 by group of punks from Helsinki. At first things happened very slowly; first practise took over a year to happen and after two and a half years and many line-up changes later the band played its first show in the summer of 2013. After that things started to move forward quickly and in less than a year Kuudes Silmä have released a 7" EP and a full-length album of raw goth-/post punk and toured Finland and Russia.

2011 -  s/t 7"  (CRI096 / RYTMI-001) & LP 2012 TBA
2013 -  s/t LP 2013 (CRI101)

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