Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Experimentos en el Terror

Country: Spain
Formed in: 1990 - 1991 y 2010 - Present
Location: Zaragoza
Contact: [email protected]    

"Experimentos en el Terror" is a band from Zaragoza (Spain), starting in 1990, they have been one of the longest running bands in the Gothic - Terror Punk - Dark Rock scene in Spain. They released their first album at the very beginning in 1990, a powerful masterpiece. They worked on some different side projects, like "Violadas Satisfechas", and there were some changes in the band's lineup. Nowadays, the band members go through three different generations and very different influences, from Punk to Metal to Goth, which explains their strong sound, mixed with a violent melody from the keyboards, and dark lyrics full of social criticism. Front man and the band founding member, Ignacio Pajares, has been fighting in the music industry since 1981 with his first band "Cadaveres Aterciopelados", punk pioneers in Zaragoza, his stage performances are unmissable! Marian Sorribas, aka Kobbold, second in command, plays keyboards and rhythm guitar. Along with lead guitarist and showman Vicho, bassist Iñaki, a punk legend, and Javi at the drums, a crazy kid with his percussive madness that fits perfectly with the band.

Experimentos en el Terror (1998)
Autodestrucción  (2010)

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