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Christine Plays Viola

Country of origin: Italy
Year of creation: 2008
City/ Location: Sulmona/Pratola Peligna/Teramo
Official site:
Official contact mail: [email protected]
Massimo Ciampani - Voice
Fabrizio Giampietro - Lead Guitar/Sinth/Programming
Desio Presutti  - Bass Guitar
Daniele Palombizio - Drums/Sinth

Official Biography
Christine Plays Viola is an Italian Darkwave/Gothic Rock band formed in Pratola Peligna in 2008. The group is the brainchild of three boys Christian, Fabrizio and Daniele starting to compose and record a few songs by the computer, marked with dark and very hypnotic colors. After a few months, the band is complete with the recruitment of a longtime friend of the three boys: Desio. Since the first production, the band's music is melancholic, kaleidoscopic and evocative; these features allow the quartet to perform at some festivals, with considerable public involvement and above all great feedback from the critics.

After appearing in several compilations, in March 2008 the boys decide to record their first self-produced EP "It'll be cold this winter". The album features sounds rather different: living elements classically identified as indie rock with other ones marked of dark / new wave music in emotional, dark and hypnotic mood.
The CPV continue their live activities with the intent to promote the EP and trying to make inroads in the vast underground scene: in July 2009 the band wins the X edition of the competition held in POPOLISOUND at Popoli (PE).

In their performances next to the 'historical' songs, the band proposes new compositions in which the elements and Ambient Wave is growing rapidly and the songs are more dynamic and direct. Subsequently, the boys devoted themselves to the cinema! In fact the band realized the soundtrack of the short film of Loreto Valente "ICS Theme" out in October 19, 2009.

In the summer of 2009 the band records an unexpected setback: the vocalist Cristian due to personal problems, leaves the band. The separation is on friendly terms, and consensual. But the band does not give up! The boys continue to compose music and begin the search for a new singer. After several hearings, Massimo (previously active with the melancholic metal band from Rome Oblivio) becomes the new singer of the band helping to expand the influence of the band with a greater propensity to melancholy and melodic tones.

Christine Plays Viola realize in the month of January 2010 the demo "Useless To See Beyond"; a track taken from this EP is included in new short film by director Loreto Valente entitled "The Nine Crosses" out in March 2010.

The 8th of April 2010 is a great day for the band: the boys in the prestigious contest 'Italy Wave Love Festival', as regional winners, off a ticket to the national finals scheduled at Livorno from July 21 to 25.
The band doesn’t stop! On June 12, 2010 they win the 'Orquestra 6 Alternative Contest', by far the best contest of the national independent music. This victory will allow the band's participation in the November 2010 edition of M.E.I. at Faenza.

On July 24 the Christine tread the 'Psycho stage' in the prestigious contest 'Italy Wave Love Festival' with a dark and intense performance which arouses great interest among the public and professionals. The band highly motivated, after begins the composition of new songs assembling various ideas collected in the meanwhile, consolidating its dark and atmospheric vein. As a starter for the full-length release in the early days of the new year, the band releases the 'Promo 2010 'containing three new songs in the draft version.
This promo and a good stage presence are the business card to attend the M.E.I. (Independent Labels Meeting) in Faenza, November 28, supported by the staff of ‘Orquestra music factory’.

In February Christine Plays Viola signs an agreement with the german record label AFMUSIC for the release of first full-length called “Innocent Awareness” coming out the next 13th of May in digital release and the 10th of june in the CD release !!.

In March 2011 the band and Loreto Valente realize the first music video called “Witch of Silence”. The hope is to involve as many people as possible, to excite ... the dream is a springborad to the public passing through the consensus of 'experts' in the music business! In June 2011 signs an agreement with the german booking agency called "STATIC MAGAZINE GERMANY " to promote the album. The album of the band since its release has considerable success in the dark scene: many are the songs inside the album that are played by djs in their playlist and to some of these songs we can listen in European dark clubs.

Furthermore the videoclip “Witch Of Silence” is placed inside the famous compilation “Gothic Visions III” alongside the big musicians in the dark/gothic secene!!

In support of the album, the band performs in several concerts, especially in surrounding areas and in the month of November goes on a mini tour that touches Switzerland and Germany with an excellent response from the public and professionals. Back from the tour, the Christines release a new song, “Apocryphal Supremacy” that will be used for the compilation of upcoming release and possibly will be part of a new work. In the meanwhile the album “Innocent Awareness” is considered one of the best productions of the year 2011 in the dark/gothic genre by the polls of year-end in radio, websites and magazines; particularly worthy of note is the quote by one of the gurus of the scene Mick Mercer that insert the album between the top 30 of 2011.

With the help of the “Static Magazin Germany” booking, the CPV are confirmed at the prestigious dark festival “Emergency Exit Festival” in Dornbirn, Austria in days 7 and 8 April 2012 also with Rhombus, Lotus Feed, Distorted Pictures, The Last Cry, Pretentious Moi?, Vendemmian!!

The band is currently composing new material for an upcoming EP and continues the live activity.

Official Biography

  • 2008 demo - It'll be cold this winter 
  • 2010 demo - Useless to see beyond 
  • 2010 promo - Promo 2010
  • 2011 album - Innocent awareness 
  • 2012 promo - Promo 2012

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