Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Anasazi - Attic Noise EP (2012)

Attic Noise EP
Toxic State Records

I’m really impressed of how the Gothic underground scene (in general terms); has this capability of reinventing itself taking its own roots as a starting point. It happened in the 90’s with the Gothic Rock second wave, inspired by the Sisters, the Mission, The Nephs, etc. It happened in the 2000 with the resurrection of bands like Ausgang, The Danse Society, etc., and the revival of old school Goth and Death rock. And it’s happening in this decade with another mutation: The Dark Punk or Gothic Punk has arrived. There is a worldwide outbreak of bands like: Silent Scream (Helsinki), Dystopian Society, Horror Vacui, Belgrado, Crimson Scarlet, and the names on the list are increasing …. 

I always loved when old-good Punk bands get dark and came with songs such like: “Silent Scream” by T.S.O.L, “Holyday in Cambodia” of The Dead Kennedys, or The Nuns with “Do you want me on my knees” …Really cool songs! And now I’m happy because there is a new batch of bands really interesting and quite exciting. This is like a combination of influences from bands like The Mob, Rudimentary Peni , T.S.O.L., and by the other hand there is old-school Gothic : Killing Joke,  Bauhaus, Southern Death Cult, UK Decay, Sex Gang Children, (don’t forget Rozz William’s Christian Death),etc., and even The Cure or Joy Division. The things mentioned above can describe very well to the music of Anasazi. They took their name from a very ancient and wise native-American civilization, and the music of the band is a mixture of raw sounds with musical structures and moods of the Gothic and Post Punk styles, and it’s very well balanced.
What a better example than the opening track “Samsara”, it has great energy, fast rhythm and some guitars and changes that reminded me of The Southern Death Cult. “Loving you” is passion and intensity to the max. Epic feeling here! ”Bone Collector” is such an electric track: Raw energy and guitars executing the old school Gothic style at light-speed. This young band has good potential; I can imagine how great will be a full-length album with the adequate producer. Hope they can achieve this in the near future.

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